Total Home Surge Protection

September 16, 2016

Is your home protected?

Total home surge protection is more important today than it ever has been, with the need increasing every year. If you are located here in the Lower Mainland you may be wondering why? Lightning and major power outages aren’t as minimal as you might think.

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Backup Power

September 5, 2016

Are you prepared?

Those who reside here in the lower mainland would know that massive storms and other natural disasters thankfully are not a common occurrence….or so we thought. In August of 2016 most of us were caught in what was said to be the worst storm in a decade, leaving over 500,000 customers without power, some for as long as 48 hours.

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Fluorescent Lighting

August 20, 2016

Fluorescent Lighting a thing of the past

It wasn’t too long ago that manufacturers pushed CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) technology. They raved about its lower use of energy and lifespan when compared to the long-lived incandescent bulb which dates back to the 1800s. While the incandescent served its purpose for so many years, the ever increasing demand for a more efficient lighting solution has been the #1 priority for the big name manufacturers like G.E.

The unfortunate reality is the CFL was a complete flop. Only entering the market in 1976 they are already being phased out. G.E. just announced they will be stopping production this year.

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LED Lighting

August 1, 2016

LED Lighting – The way of the future

By now everyone has heard of LED (Light emitting diode) lighting. From the big name shops to the corner store down your street, everyone is selling LED lighting. But how do you the consumer know what is good and what isn’t?

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